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Issue 8059
Copy and paste joint position to "absolute" world space position - frames nearby conform with optional smoothing
I don't know if it's an actual bug or not but one would think when you copy and paste key frames of joint positions that, if the keyframe along with joint position will fit, that iClone will paste a new absolute world space position of the body part.

I'm specifically using the Edit Motion Layer tool and find its very hard like a hit and miss that iClone will move the joints into correct position even when the body has a lot of flexibility. Perhaps it's contending with nearby frames but ideally the nearby frames within a span of time or frames should conform to it with smoothing.

Perhaps like a graphic clone brush it samples nearby keys but averages them.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
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Maybe there is just a glitch in the Edit motion layer or the timeline but you'd have to admit this video capture shows something is not right and is feeding my frustrations for proper animation. 
Some keys don't allow placement of positions and other parts move when only one specific body part should move.

This glitch also applies to copying keys for example the Feet. I'd hope that if I position the feet in one frame and copy it over to another that the legs would follow/conform to its position if the and pull the torso if it needs to. 

Another things that doesn't work properly (I've shared examples with Rampa) Deleting sampled (non optimized) keyframes between the first and last keyframes of a clip don't seem to be actually deleted, there should be a smooth transition from the first and last keyframe and nothing else.  The work around was to merge clips and remove the animation of the legs and feet.. these were specifically the layers I was working on that has been giving me trouble, I can't say anything yet about other layers giving me the same issue. This is on a fresh installation of iClone done in less than a month ago with folder and reg clean guided by Rampa.
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Hi Ascensi,

We don't understand what you mean. Can you give an example´╝č

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