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I'm just moving my content (176GB outgrew my local disk space) to an external disk.

When moving I got errors on the following packs:

Charming Girl Persona
Endearment Vol. 1

Windows cut/paste tells me the file I'm trying to move is no longer there. This means (probably) the folder must have been there in a different spelling or so and the actual copy was already moved, or so. You might want to check the folder names in your packs to make sure they really work on all platforms.

I will just reinstall those packs once the moving process is over. But I wanted to let you guys know.

Looking through the directories I saw a lot of folder names I would never have used, and on top it's totally inconsistent. Obviously the folder and file names appear directly in the content browser and I can already confirm that it is really hard to find the right content. And the search doesn't work properly, it just takes forever, it's pretty much unusable. There's a free file search tools called "Everything", there you can see how fast this can be with little overhead and without big caches. Unfortunately it's not open-source, but it's donationware and I would bet you can get there source for very little and the tool has a SDK, so for Windows you might be able to use it.

I would expect a simple search that allows me to search in real time plus allowing me to specify some constraints and of course choose the type of asset I need. The typical constraints would be texture quality, polygon resolution, character type, motion type and so on. You know better than I. I only know that I keep picking characters or props that look very ugly when doing iRay rendering and I have to redo stuff.

For now I'm using Everything for just that - I can type in my keyword and my file type, so I get results and can then look for them in the content browser. If the file names would include some more information all of the above could be done using the tool. Unfortunately the file names don't give a lot of additional information in most cases.


OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byalexis.kyaw
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Alexis,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion.
When moving contents to another disk with the file explore, it would be better to do copy/paste instead of cut/paste, then delete the copied file after everything is done. 
Please contact our support if you need assistance on moving your content. Meanwhile, I will notify our content team to check if there is any possible error in the content pack you reported.