iClone 7
Issue 7695
Collect Clip > Add Motion to 3DXchange... from Timeline Motion right click context menu
Currently, in order to send an entire motion from the timeline to 3DXchange or to Add to the various libraries, one must drag the cursor across the Collect Clip section to highlight the desired frame range, then right click and select "Add motion to 3Dxchange" etc...

It seems this method was intended to solve for the need to extract a portion of a clip or contiguous portions of multiple clips, which to me is the fringe case as I'm almost always just working with a whole clip, which I will export in it's entirety when done editing.

It would save many small amounts of time that would add up to a tangible gain if the "Add motion to 3Dxchange" options were exposed on the Motion context menu, implicitly taking the range from the clip that was right clicked in the Motion section of the timeline, as was done with the "Save Clip" option. This would also prevent mistakes where a few extra frames or a few less frames are accidentally selected when dragging the frame range in Collect Clip section, not to mention it's rather tedious to drag the frame range, especially on longer clips.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byvtoddw