iClone 7
Issue 8186
Collapse motion layers / animation including transform
Hi there,
I'm working with an Xsens mocap suit to record complex motions, for combining in IClone. It's working well, except I am having to accomodate drift of the Xsens suit, by animating the transform values of each motion clip.

When I cut different takes together and try to blend the animation, the transform offset also blends. So in short, I have two different positions for the animations. Motion clip A will be in one position and I try to blend to Motion clip B which is in another. If I try and blend from motion clip A to motion clip B, the two different offsets animates, giving undesired results as the transform for motion layers A and B affected the opposite clip (when they should not, because I am using the transform to correct the positioning of the motion clips so they align with each other).

I tried collapsing the motion layers etc, but it doesnt seem to affect the transform, which i believe means I only have the option to hand animate the transitions between each clip myself. I keep thinking there must be a way around this but I haven't figured it out, so Im thinking its a bug. My request would be to be able to flatten everything related to the clip, including the transform keys.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhansolo007