iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 3980
Character Hair Mesh with Morph Targets Have Severely Bugged Behaviors After Being Exported as FBX
I am exporting character models with morphs from iClone v7.22 as FBX for my Unreal Engine 4 project. My 3DXchange version is 7.22 Pipeline (but I used the option in iClone 7 to export rather than doing it via 3DXchange). The characters have their morphs created in iClone's Morph Creator and can be morphed correctly in Morph Animator.

After being exported to FBX using the "Unreal" Target Tool preset in iClone 7, the hair mesh part of the character have a large percentage of the morph targets behavior bugged as in FBX. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the FBX exporting tool in iClone 7 (only available after I purchased 3DXchange 7 Pipeline) confuses the Y-axis value of the morph targets with Z-axis and vice versa ONLY for hair mesh, but not for the body mesh. So when you set a value for these bugged morph targets, the hair mesh and the body mesh will desync, as the hair mesh is morphing the wrong way but the body mesh is morphing in the correct way.

Please see the attached animated GIF files in the zip file, for the bugged behavior of the resulted FBX morph targets, comparing to the correct morphs in iClone 7 prior to being exported. Note that all morph targets that morph over the Y-axis and Z-axis (in Unreal Engine term) seem to be bugged, morph targets involve only the X-axis behave more or less correctly. Here I also shared on Google Drive the iClone project file of the character mesh to be exported as FBX, and the resulting FBX file. You can look at the behaviors of the morphs in Morph Animator and compare them to the morph targets behaviors in FBX for potential root causes.

Please fix this very obvious bug, as it is the crucial part of my project. And I have multiple hair mesh designed in iClone and exported as FBX bugged, each as over a hundred morph targets and more than half of them are severely bugged this way!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bykwarisover_10
Here are additional comparisons when it's just the hair mesh, so it's more obvious--as the same slider morphs vertically in iClone, but once exported to FBX using 3DXchange it's completely bugged to morphs horizontally. I have over 100 morph targets, and more than 60 of them are completely bugged this way. Since 3DXchange Pipeline is a commercial software that costs 500 dollars, I have one use for it and its functions are completely defective. I request an urgent investigation and schedule a fix as soon as possible. Thank you.
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  • 3. [ear height]Incorrect Morphing Behavior After Exporting to FBX.gif