Character Creator 3
Issue 6597
Character Creator 3 pipeline to Cartoon Animator 4
I want to use Character Creator 3 to make my main characters, but I want to use them in Cartoon Animator 4. Since you make both products this should be a doable Pipeline.

Please add an export option in Character Creator 3 to Cartoon Animator 4 where it flattens the 3d object to a 2d representation layout sheet that is rigged for ca4. layered psd with all parts layered for import into character creator 4

It makes a individual part lay out psd layered sheet from the model using the format expected in psd pipeline expected in cartoon creator 4.

Front View PSD: front head, front chest, front right arm, etc.. generates a model_front.psd
Right Side PSD View: right side chest, right side head, etc generates a model_rside.psd
.. so on and so on..

On that export dialog have an option to create whatever view of the model you want with checkboxes

Selectable views for Front, Right side, Left side, Rear side with an offset ability slider to pick the degree view

Options on Export Dialog:

Selected View Drop Down : front, right, left, rear, top, bottom
offset degree: -90 to +90 etc.. for example front - 45 would off angle to the left side front to get those middle sections between full left and front views
File Name Dialog box with path
Export Button.

Character Creator should not just be limited to 3d use, but also your 2d products. There should be a export Pipeline for that, right?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bypaulbright
I would pay quite a bit of money to have this tool available.    Photoshop is not always adequate for showing how the pieces will fit together inside of Cartoon Animator.
I have been wondering the same thing.. Has anyone found an answer?