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Can't export FBX mesh from 3ds Max skinned to a character from CC3
For the last two days I have been exporting character mesh from Character Creator 3 Pipeline to 3ds Max 2017 to make mesh clothing.
I have done this kind of operation before with Character Creator 2 with success.
However when I try to export my mesh from 3ds Max using and FBX character from Character Creator 3 Pipeline I get the following error message.

Warning: Gimbal lox exists (15).
The FBX file format cannot represent the transformation of some nodes in the scene due to the limitation of FBX SDK. To avoid this, adjust Bone binding matrices of the problematic Skins.
The following Bones will have incorrect Bone binding matrices under the associated Skins:

When I try to import the mesh created in to Character Creator 3 Pipeline the program crashes.
I have attached the pop up error message I get from 3ds max.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bysubongo
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Hi subongo,

Thanks for your help!
After we checked this issue, we found that if you skin the mesh on character, then select the "Export Selected" option, it'll cause the error in 3dsMax.
Maybe you can try the "Export" option then export the whole character out.

I am not sure why I have to use dropbox as I could have uploaded the files here. Any way here are a few of the files I have exported from 3dx Max.
Just before I do that I want to point out that when I export the default avatar as fbx it starts of in A pose: But when I import the avatar into 3ds max the pose changes to T pose. I somehow do not think that is right.
I am sure the pose has to stay the same from export to import and export and back to CC3
  • After import to Max.jpg
  • A Pose from CC3.jpg
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi subongo,

Thanks for your video, but after we try all the steps inside video, we still get the correct result without error msg.
We'd try 3dsMax 2016/2017/2020, all these version got the correct result.
Would you mind to send us the cloth that you use in video?
You can upload it to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
Also you can set the comment as private if you want.
Thanks for your help and patience.

Hello. I finally got to make a short video. I am sorry about the noisy mic but I have not used mic to record for a long time.
The video is unlisted. Here is the link.
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