iClone 7
Released in 7.41
Issue 5360
Can't animate spring effects
Pretty simple -- as it says. Turning spring effects on/off doesn't create any timeline keys, but even if you DO create such keys the effect stays on.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byKelleytoons
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I have a related question on this same subject. Some figures come with spring bones, and in 3DXChange we can either assign them to springs, or leave them alone. In either cases, the bones disappear in iClone, and cannot be accessed directly or indirectly. 

I have found myself in a situation where I was commissioned to make an animation where a character flexes his pectorals, and that would be ideal to be animated with the spring bones. But since they are not accessible in iClone, no matter what we do in 3DXChange, I had to use morphs instead, which is much more work than it should, considering the figure already comes with pectoral bones. 

So my question is - is there a way to make these bones accessible for keyframe animation in iClone? If not, I would like to leave it as a feature suggestion. 
No -- sigh.  I'll make a video for you (you just can't turn the FX on and off, I don't know how I can be any plainer for you.  They WORK, you can put them on the timeline, but you can't put a key to turn them off even though the "Activate" button is green which suggests that you CAN (and the + key button is active, but it just doesn't do anything).
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Hi Kelleytoons,

Please refer to this issue, is this also your case?

If Yes´╝îit has released in 7.3.2205.1.

No, that's not the problem.  The spring effects WORK, you just can't animate them (you can't turn them on and off in the timeline).

I can make a video if you need to see it.
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