iClone 7
Released in 7.3.2205.1
Issue 4126
Spring track not deactivating properly
To recreate the issue; start a new project, add an avatar with spring effects, activate a spring effect on frame 1, then scrub to some later frame. then deactivate it (by clicking the "off" button). When opening the spring track(s), one can see that the spring effect SHOULD be active from the start to the frame used to turn it off. However, if clicking in some frame after the turn-off point, the "On" button is still highlighted, and any spring effects are still in full force. In order to actually get it to turn off, I have to click the "Off" button for a second time. The spring track now looks really odd (as it should; it's not used properly). After the second "Off", the spring effect is actually switched off (the first "Off" gets ignored). However, this work-around is not great, as any transition is ignored as well, and the effect is simply cut off immediately.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bybaerheim