iClone 7
Issue 6269
Camera Pivot (Rotate) NOT Transform
Please make an easy/quick way to pivot(rotate) the camera without changing the transform values. There are any number of "work-arounds" for doing this but they either 1) have bugs in them or 2) are very tedious and negatively interrupt the workflow.

Currently, when the Orbit tool is selected from the toolbar, the camera orbits (changes transform and rotate values) around the selected object when clicking the left mouse button. The right mouse button has the same effect, thus making the right mouse button redundant.

If the right mouse button could simply change the camera rotate values WITHOUT changing the transform values, you would have this pivot (rotate) functionality. It is as simple as deleting the code that changes the transforms when using the right mouse button with the Orbit tool.

This would be immensely helpful from a workflow standpoint and one that is easy to implement. It would function exactly the same as Daz Studio's orbit/rotate button.

Thank You
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byjminbox
It doesn't turn around the player if the camera has been modified to move a specific separation to one side of the position.x. In the wake of difficult with the changing of the position.x esteem, the entire camera simply doesn't rotate around the player.