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Issue 5736
Camera Pivot & Camera Locks
Why doesn't the Camera's pivot turn with the Camera when you rotate it? I'm manually having to track an object flying over a house because the "Look at" makes the Camera fly towards the object by the end of the animation.

My first issue is with the "Look at Object" feature for the Camera. I pick an object, for example, a dirigible as it flies over a home. I'm the camera near the ground. As it tracks the dirigible, the Camera Transform boxes show changes, but the Focal Length or Angle of View do not show change even though the Camera starts to move through the Scene. It, in fact, looks like it is zooming in on the object as it flies by. You just want to pivot the Camera from one axis, for example, X, Y or Z, and lock the others out. There are "keys" to delete, but only the first and last key frames. Trying to fix it becomes a nightmare.

Yes, I could move the Camera away, but that defeats the point. If I was the camera man with a camera, standing on the ground, and the object flew over, I would turn and track it by pivoting and not "flying" towards the object since the last time I checked, I can't fly.

This brings up another suggestion to add Lock checkboxes for both Transform and the Camera Transform boxes (Axis: X,Y & Z) so you can stop this from happening. It looks crappy and amateurish and it is not how a "real" camera would act unless it was on a boom, which it is not. I've tried adding a Sphere as a dummy object, but that doesn't help as the Camera will not pivot correctly with the Sphere's axis even though they are either linked or attached for Position.

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byTucsonDoobie
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I had a similar issue getting a camera to follow my drone, but stay in place.

I have found it is easier to move a camera from preview mode, then just try and rotate the camera to where you want.  This is especially true if the camera is linked. 

Also what I did is remove the camera from being linked at a given keyframe, but I kept the look at. Then if copy that frame to the end of where I want the camera in place, I resume the link a frame after that. 

I would double up vote this issue if I could, as the main reason I want a camera lock is when I start moving around my scene, or if hit Ctrl + G to view from the sky and I think I am in preview mode, getting back to where the camera was means undoing any changes I just did.