Character Creator 3
Issue 4068
CC3 - Request - allow batch import of all Face, Arm, Leg, and Torso/Body Daz-images for a Daz-to-CC3 avatar
Currently with Transformer, you can import a Daz character with one set of Diffuse textures per single face, arm, leg, and torso body part.

However, most Daz characters have >1 variant texture sets for face, arm, leg, and body in the Daz character's material folder.
(Ie with and without face makeup, ie - face makeup dark , face makeup warm, etc )

With eyes and hair, we do not need any conversion and can load the whole set of character images readily, as CC3 uses unaltered-natural imports of the Daz eye and hair textures.

However, for face, arms, legs, and body, the textures, the images are actually converted from a Daz fitted version to a CC3 fitted version, thus per FBX import, you only can bring in one variant of diffuse texture (ie for Face).


-Would be nifty to have some way to bring in multiple face, arm, leg, and body images all at one time, such that the transformed Daz-to-CC3 avatar could use all of its variant face, arm, leg, and body textures in Daz.

-Ideally, this image import could be done aside from importing the whole FBX, such that you could import a character one time, with a set of textures, like currently is the case, but then also, on an ongoing basis, import in new Daz textures for use with the CC3 character version.
Such that, you could have the whole set of ready-for-CC3 textures while only having imported the Daz-to-CC3 character FBX once.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byTonyDPrime