Character Creator 3
Issue 7317
CC3.32 not responding when opened with multiple displays
When i open cc3 on my laptop it works just fine, but when i open cc3 when plugged into multiple monitors the program opens but is unresponsive and crashes. it will still work when i open cc3 with just the laptop then plug in the multiple monitors, i've checked all updates to my graphics card and windows 10

steps to reproduce error:
1. plug in all external monitors
2. open cc3
3. program will ask if you want unsaved file to open, click ok or cancel
program will open but will say not responding when clicked on or any key pressed
program will crash and close

steps to open successfully:
1. unplug all external monitors cc3
program will run as intended, you can then plug external monitors back into laptop and move cc3 to desired display and use with no issues
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byncog21
i uninstalled smart gallery and that solved the issue, are there any steps i can take to keep smart gallery as it is a valuable part of my pipeline?
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Hi ncog21

This is due to the docking behavior has issues (Qt's QuickView kernel has a bug) in some environments.
To fix this, please download the hotfix:
Check "Readme.txt" for updating.

But there's still some known issue, hotfix may not solve the problem entirely.
So if you still have same issue after using hotfix, we can trans this case to Technical Support team, let our engineer do remote assistance.

Thanks for your reply, please let me know if any.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi ncog21,

Thanks for your feedback!
Please follow these steps and provide your system info
Thanks for your help!
Also, if you have installed Smart Gallery, please uninstall it and launch CC3 again to see if the issue still exist.