Character Creator 3
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Issue 7064
CC3.3 Will no longer start, I just downloaded it and it ran once...
All I did was update the software after a newly purchased license. I was able to run the software once then it would not open again after I closed that session. It does not show up in task manager at all...
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byShinjitsu84
No no I fixed it.  Stupid me trying to be clever.  My original install was on the C drive and I noticed something related to a project I started was still in the remaining files there.  So again being clever before I reinstalled the new licensed paid version (non trial) I moved all the post uninstall local files over to another hard drive where I intended to install the newly bought version.  That was bad, something in the plug ins and dlls mess up and the app would either not run at all or run after trying to open it 10-20s with it app crashing without any error or sign at all.  One by one I Uninstalled everything, deleted all the local files except the two settings things related to those projects I mentioned and did a fresh in stall of each add on and plug in.  Now its working just fine.  False alarm, sorry!  Thanks for the reply!
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Hi wasabiconcepts,

Thanks for your feedback!
Did you install any other plugins such as Iray or Smart Gallery?
Also, we have Technical support team, they will give you help within 48 hrs.
Here is a link about how to contact them!

Ok correction after the 10th time trying to open it and 3 restarts later it runs once.  Im on an Nvidia GTX 970 if that makes a huge difference.