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Issue 10710
Bump map Strength is greyed out after using "Update Textures from Substance Painter"
After using "Update Textures from Substance Painter" to import textures, select the model and go to Modify => Materials. Select one of the materials that was imported, and select the Bump map texture under Texture Settings. Notice that the "Strength" slider will be greyed out, and it can't be edited. From what I can tell, that slider is now permanently disabled. Even if I assign a new normal map, the slider never becomes enabled again. This appears to be an issue only for Bump map; the other textures' Strength property can still be edited.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bydan.goyette
Hi Calvin,

Thanks for the explanation. I should clarify my original post to say that the "issue" I described seems to only occur for props/clothing, not for the character skin, so it's probably based on which shader is used. But I can also confirm that this only happens if the Displacement map is assigned. As soon as I cleared the Displacement map, the Strength on the Bump map was editable again.

I also see that this isn't really an issue, since there's a Strength slider on the Displacement map, which can be used to effectively adjust the normal map contribution when the Displacement map is assigned. So, this looks to be just my lack of understanding. Though perhaps a little "!" icon and a tooltip on the disable Bump map Strength slider could be added to remind users about why the slider is disabled. In any case, you've resolved my own issue. Thanks.
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Hi dan.goyette,

Thanks for your feedback!
Did you assign texture to Displacement channel ?
Currently, if Displacement channel has map, it'll disable strength slider of Bump channel.