iClone 7
Issue 7991
Being able to edit body mesh on timeline
In CC3, we can edit the body mesh. I wish we could edit the body mesh on the time line in iClone. If you have a fight scene, or somebody falls motion and bruises themselves, let's say they fall on timeline 150, then on timeline 400, you can edit the face to where the swelling of the eye or jaw would be edited at that time.
Or if a character flexes their arm on timeline 200, then on timeline 400, you could edit the upper arm bigger to make a muscle. Then on timeline 600, you could edit body mesh of arm smaller. I don't think it would take up a bunch of CPU resources. The user is editing body mesh how they want. I think that would add a lot of realism to the scene.
You can always edit the body mesh in CC3 and bring the desired effect that way, but you would have to cut away from the scene, and bring in the edited mesh body double.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymichaelrbarton