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Issue 6345
Bake Reach Key causes hips to float around
There is a *major* problem with baking Reach IK keys: When you bake Reach keys on a Motion clip, either directly with the Bake Reach Key option or indirectly via Collect Clip export, it adds unwanted up and down motion on the hips/center of gravity at seemingly random points in the active clip. On a single bake or export the effect is relatively subtle but still noticeable; the problem becomes much worse on repeated baking (eg with multiple export passes).

The problem can most easily be reproduced by taking a motion clip and selecting Bake Reach Key from the right-click menu several times in a row. If this is done while at frame 1, the repeated baking creates large downward and upward movements on the hips. If this baking is done at random frames on the clip the unwanted added movement is especially erratic.

This is completely unusable. When you bake animation data (constraints or anything else) you NEED to be able to rely on that baked data matching what you originally animated 1:1. It is not acceptable that this process introduces random unwanted motion into your animation.

This bug occurs even when there are no active Reach effectors. The Bake Reach Key option is available regardless, and yields the same result.

Possible related issue:

I've attached a zip file with some MotionPlus clips that demonstrate the problem. Compare "test_original_anim" with "test_bake_reach_key_10x_at_frame_1" or "test_bake_reach_key_at_random". I could also provide project files (using the Jade character) but file size would far exceed 10 MB.
OS: Windows 10
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