Character Creator 3
Issue 7340
AutoSetup removes all folders from CC_Assets
Very weird error. When you create subfolder "Textures" in folder CC_Assets and copy some texture into this subfolder AutoSetup removes all folders in CC_Assets.
I have irrevocably lost the results of my work for few days.

Reproduced on versions: AutoSetup 1.02 for Unity 2019.3 and AutoSetup 1.1 for Unity 2019.3
Algorithm to reproduce:
1. Create new Unity project and import AutoSetup package.
2. Copy few .fbx models produced by CharacterCreator into folder CC_Assets
3. Switch to Unity, models will be imported
4. Create new subfolder in CC_Assets folder and name it "Textures".
5. Copy any texture into new "Textures" subfolder
6. Switch to Unity, new texture will be imported. Looks everything OK.
7. Look at CC_Assets folder: all folders with models and with textures were suddenly disappeared. Only texture that you copied into subfolder "Textures" still in CC_Assets folder

As a result, all my works (hundreds of adjusted models in CC_Assets folder) was deleted.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bycharacter-creator
Hi Tina,
Thanks for the quick response. Of course, I never wanted to create subfolders in CC_Assets, this time I was just wrong. But it was very surprising to know that all my work went down the drain.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi character-creator

We have identified this issue as a bug. It caused by the process of Auto-Setup.
The issue have reported to dev team, and here's some way to avoid this problem:
1. Use other words to naming sub-folder
2. Close Auto-Setup process before each time you need to import the texture into "Textures" folder
3. Create folder above CC_Assets

Thanks for your report!