3DXchange 7
Issue 7036
Applied Morphs do not animate in expression editor. Eyelashes misplaced
[1] Iclone morphs applied to Genesis8 base head and exported [ see image for settings used ]
Drag fbx from Daz[ 4.12.06] into 3Dxchange [ 7.61.3619 ]

Imported figure seems ok except eyelashes are not correctly placed.
Open Expression editor. Morphs show up.
Head and Eye morphs do not work. Others such as Jaw and Visemes & Muscle do work when selected
See example images.

[2] I noticed in tutorial video iClone 721 Daz Genesis Pipeline Part 2 Auto Material Enhancement for Character Import.mp4) the head ( and presumably other body parts ) can be selected by clicking on it. This doesn't work for me !!
No access to materials. Video demonstrates how they can be modified but all greyed out in my 3Dexchange.

[3] Export to IC 7.73.3919 ] - Seems all ok but no eyelashes on character. Assume morphs are transferred . Where do I look to confirm as so far cannot find a similar panel as seen in 3Dexchange. ??

[4] Mix move applied to imported character distorts character [ see image ]

Comment - there maybe steps I've missed in the process.
Unable to attach fbx file as too big for your 10mb
Thank you
OS: Windows 8.1
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  • 3Dxch Expression head . .JPG
  • 3Dxch Lashes .JPG
  • 3Dxch Exp Head .JPG
  • IC7 G8F Mix Move .JPG
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Submitted by0oseven
I did try with the setting you suggested and the " the merge opacity on " - that didn't work  but did "without the" opacity setting on.

So I can say issue seems resolved . Thank you for your help

An while I' m here may I ask  -  Will any clothes imported OR Iclone content clothes conform to the characters in the bonus pack on offer with the CC3+ pack

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Hi 0oseven,

CC cloth can be applied to CC3+ characterc,but if the cloth is made for CC3 character or previous,it may look not good.You can apply this cloth to CC3+ character in Character Creator,then save this cloth,you can also press Transfer Skin Weights button in Modify panel Attribute tab, choose template again.Also the cloth need be saved.

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Here is my system information
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Hi 0oseven,

It works in my 3DXchange.Please provide your Daz FBX to help us identify the problem. Attach the file in your next comment. If the file size is larger than 10MB, you can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. 
You can use Private Comment if you want to keep it private.

Hi Yes this worked. Eyelashes correctly placed but no materials on them.

I tried re exported again with fbx setting 'diffuse and opacity' on  but same result .

G8female imported to Iclone7 from 3dexchange OK and now animates correctly when mixmove applied. Still no materials on eyelashes though !
  • G8F Imported from Daz to 3DXC .JPG
  • G8F Import from Daz via 3DXchange .JPG
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Hi 0oseven,

You should check "Merge Clothing Into Figure Skeleton" in FBX Export Options DLG.Can you try it again and tell us result?

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