iClone 7
Issue 6556
Animation Player / Viewer for Motion Content While Working
I find it really time consuming to look through tons of motion content, and having to apply each motion to my characters (and then undo) if it's not going to work. I have hundreds of different types of animations for sword fighting combat alone, and even though those animations are labeled so you kind of have an idea what it is, it takes a while to find what you are looking for.

I think it would be really beneficial if we could somehow open up an integrated animation player/preview window in IClone that could also be moved to a separate monitor. This player/preview window would be able to scroll through our Motion library and play the .RLmotion / .iMotion animations. That way we can see what the animation is before we apply it to our characters in IClone.
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Submitted byjames_muia
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We use 3dXCHANGE7 Pipeline for it and it works very well........


start IC7 - load your character and select one motion
klick on modifying tab and send the character to 3DXCHNG
Open with "find file" in the directory under IC7 the path where you have all your Motions ( we have tons from mixamo and others) 
now you can simply drag&drop your rlmotionfile onto your figure in 3DXCHG and it shows up  the motion in realtime.

But it would be REALLY great if this function can be included in the smart gallery on a mouseover or a separate function to see immediately what is behind a rlmotionfile.

HOPE THAT helps........Yes it is just a workaround
Have all happy holidays and a very good and creative time.
Would be nice!
This has been requested before and would indeed be helpful. I also have many motions and previewing them is indeed a hassle.

Interestingly, iClone used to have a clip previewer in version 1.x (!) when there was separate Motion Editor for animation. 

See screenshot motion_editor.jpg.
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