Character Creator 4
Issue 8574
Allow "Overdriven" values to reset the maximum limit on morph sliders before baking

As the title suggests:

When working on a stylized character or morph you want to emphasize... there are times that you need to overdrive a morph value in the modify panel to get a result you are after or a base to take over to ZBrush or Blender. Unfortunately, once you type in a "over driven" value, then interactive with the slider...the value is reset back to the morph's hard-coded value of 100. This makes iterations cumbersome as baking doesn't display previous values and baking should really be set for a final or near final alteration.

It would be helpful to be able to overdrive a value, having that new value serve as the slider's new (temp) maximum, allowing the ability to slide between 0 and your new set value before settling and baking. It would be nice if this was saved with the project allowing it to persist between editing sessions. A good example of this functionality can be found in Blackmagic Design Fusion application. I have attached a .gif for reference

Ability to also slide drag to update values would be welcome as well.
OS: Windows 10
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