Character Creator 3
Issue 6532
Add un-numbered clothing layers
When optimizing characters for re-use, having more than 20 layers is essential. When using characters for games, having the possibility to export one character mesh with multiple outfit that can be shown/hidden in prefab-stage is needed to save space and time. When being limited to 20 items maximum, it is blocking the workflow.

It should be possible to have "bonus"-slots where you can just add accessories, hairs, other items.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAttensi AS
Would like  to Request this as well ...

We are Forced to use DAZSTUDIO instead Character creator ,

As we are doing characters for Film Quality 

And Each character has many more than 20 Cloths Layers ...

Reaching 20 Cloths Layers Crashes the program 

And its totally Blocking our Workflow ...  

We Are forced to Reedit our Cloths Merging them in full body Cloths Setups .. 
But Cloth Bendings  Are Absurdly terrible and Uncontrollable that way ... 

Edit Skin Weight Editor is Terrible Slow Even With low Polys ... Almost Unusable ...
No easy way for proper Detail Weight Painting of Dozens Cloths Layers Merged all in 1 ...  

We are Wasting 1 to 2 Days in Character Creator for Complex Cloths Merging and Weight Painting
When the same Work, In Dazstudio : Import with 20 or more pieces of Cloth and Autofit Just Takes 2, 3 Hours 

In UnComparable, how Terrible is to Rig Advanced Cloths in Character Creator, Comparing to DazStudio 

Beside ... This Characters Should be sended to UNREAL with Livelink in iclone 
Wich dont Suport Sending Iclone Phisics to Unreal 

So The Limited Cloths Layers With a UNREAL Workflow Makes Absolutely no Sense ...

Its Taking us so much time To rig Cloths in Character creator With the Terrible Weight painting Tools / And Limited Cloth layers ...

That we  will be forced to STOP using CC / ICLONE Pipeline ...

And Just Use DazSTudio + Unreal Engine Plugin ...
With Further Tweeking with AKEYTSU And Cascadeur ... 

Instead of Using Character Creator + Iclone + Livelink 
Because how Terrible slow The whole workflow is to do Advanced Character Creation for CINEMATICS Purposes ... 

As Our Cinematic Production Cloths Are way too Complex for Character Creator, Iclone Low Standarts  
And we are Still Trying to Use Low Poly Versions ... For example with this Character in Picture Attached ... 

Cloths are just 500'000 Polygons total ... And it takes ages to work with Weight Painting Tools ...

Framerates in Character Creator / Iclone are Terrible low , we almost cant Rotate the viewport ... with a Gtx 2080
And it takes 1 Hour to Send  to Unreal WIth Livelink ... And after That we have issues with Recording Takes Playback ...
That is so Low framerate in Iclone comparing to unreal ...

And all that Just because a 500'000 Polygons cloth ...
That we are forced to Divide in Many Layers 
Because how terrible the weight painting Tools are !  

Wich makes Character Creator / iclone .. Workflows 
Totally Terrible and Broken comparing to Dazstudio / Blender / Akeytsu ...

We were forced to get a Licence of Akeytsu ... To Import There Character Creator Characters
As Akeytsu Has no Limits on Weight painting / Cloths  Layers / Even Cloths with Bones Workflows
And can Animate Alot Characters toguether with as many Cloths Layers bones we need

Its Actually Quite Absurd Character Creator Imposes Such Limits ..
And since so many Years Ago, no one fixed this ..

Thanks for Improving and Changing over this Limitations as soon as possible

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