iClone 7
Issue 3371
Add a functioning mirror
This is a refresher of the request for iClone 6, which has already 56 votes as I write this!

With all the great improvements in iClone 7, one feature is still glaringly missing: a working mirror surface. This is probably one of the oldest requests and dates back from iClone 5, which had an experimental mirror that was never fully developed.

The most flexible solution would probably be a reflective material that could be added to any surface, but a simple flat mirror object for starters would already make me happy.

See mirror_request.jpg for an impression of what I would like to see in a bathroom scene.

See here for the original entry and additional discussion: .
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
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Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Will there be ever one at all?

Or do we have to wait and wait,

Till we are at Version 8?
I just purchased the interrogation room that shows a reflective mirror and am very disappointed that the mirror does not work in iClone 7. This needs to be fixed please or let customers know before they purchase that the mirror does not work in iClone 7.
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Yes, It's just plein weird that this issue would take years to properly answer, let alone resolve.
Many game engines allow for reflective materials, so why wouldn't iclone (which I think is 
based on a game engine) be different?

Would love to know the answer
Reallusion please answer us!
what going on with software companies i hate it i need camera import export in lumion since 3 year but they don't add till now lumion 8 is released.
same with substance painter need save 2d viewport as image which is request before 2.5 year they update every 3-5 month but never give that option.
same in iclone no 100% reflection in iclone 7 :)
shame on you look another software which give every detail which you want but they are hard to use that's not user friendly but i go use that in last condition
lumion For 3D scene environment ( don't use ) its better use Unreal engine 4 or Cryengine5.4 i use CE5.4
Substance Painter For Texture Bake  ( don't use ) its better marmoset toolbag 3.0 .
Iclone  For 3D Animation ( use) because i didn't found another alternative for this but i make all animation here and render everything in marmoset toolbag 3.0

thanks for read this but i hate slow develop without important option.
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