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Issue 5820
Accessing Reallusion webpages
When I try to open the help within iclone firefox reports the tab has crashed.
Now I use ghostery to stop snooping by third parties, if I turn ghostery off before I try to open the help page then it loads fine. This is also true of the members login page which fails to load the login boxes with ghostery turned on. This means Reallusion is creating Webpage's that cannot or will not deal with an anti tracking plugins.

This action represents a denial of access to services which I am entitled to because I dont wish to be tracked.

I have a right to privacy and reallusion has a duty to respect it.

" Alexa metrics" "Google Analytics" or "google tag manager" are of no benefit or offer any "Convenience" to me and I have no need of them. But clearly Reallusion benifits from this tracking otherwise why block access upon detection of anti tracking software.

I have dozens of other accounts with other web companies none of which have a problem with the ghostery plugin and work without any loss of function to webpages, so it seems that Reallusion is actively blocking webpage function's upon the detection of anti tracking plugin's in order to violate my right to protect my privacy............. And NO your privacy policy does not grant you supercedence over my basic rights.

There is a pattern developing here I also reported the intrusive nature of your HUB program of which I think there has since been 3 interations without any changes to address those complaints as such I still have to disable it after updates and installs.

Another tell is Reallusions statement on the submission popup
Please note :

Reallusion retain the right to delete or edit your post

I screen shot and copy all my submissions anyway

This is my 3rd BUG report and so far Reallusion is 0 for 2

I have the lastest of everything installed
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byblindman
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Hi blindman,

We can reproduce this issue,and passed it to the development team.

One thing you may notice is that the crashed tab has no URL data in the address bar...... This crash report only happens if  the Iclone call needs firefox to start 
Because I dont know what order the instructions are given by Iclone for the URL call I cant say for certain. but why is the address bar empty ?
to: markford6523 Mar 19, 2019 

 I dont have an AOL account  so I have no idea what you are talking about ?
The issue in a problem with a URL call from within iclone to reallusions website for the help file causing firefox to report a crashed tab. which only happens when the url call requires firefox to start.

Firefox is happy to start and load the reallusion help page from a desktop shortcut call. But crashes the tab when the call comes from within Iclone. This implies that the way reallusion makes the call from within Iclone effects firefoxes ability to execute the url call.
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Ive done some testing of my own 

The help call only fails from a call within Iclone when firefox is closed and not already running.

 I created a shortcut for the help file on my desktop and called the help page from that  with firefox closed and not running the help file page loaded ok.

So the firefox page crashes only when it is not already running  and the help page is called from within iclone.  This indicates that the call from within iclone is somehow confusing firefox and crashing the tab
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, blindman,

In fact, I actually installed ghostery and tested it from both my office computer and my home computer, the internet connections come from different ISP for these two locations, but the help and the member pages are all worked fine.

I have passed your concern and suggestion about the Hub to the development team.

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