iClone 7
Issue 7491
AO / Ambient Occlusion Channel is missing from Compositing Elements list in UI, but randomly renders
Set iRay Render Mode to PhotoReal
Open up iRay Compositing Elements section.
Observe the AO / Ambient Occlusion channel is missing from the available channels UI,
Observe the AO is checked, but disabled in the Interactive mode Only settings.

Render several movies using Photoreal Render Mode
Observe the AO channel is rendered with some of the movies.

This also affects the frame number in the Render Scene dialog. The more channels you select, the more confusing the exported frame numbers become

Choosing Frame 100 - 200
will render out frame 50-100
(if RGB and AO are enabled. if RGB, Depth, and Object ID are selected, the exported frames for range 100-200 will be 25-50)

Expected result:
AO is available as an option in the Compositing Elements section when Photoreal Render Mode is selected.
Frame numbers are consistent from UI, export, to output file name.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byJohnLiebe
Thanks for your reply Lianchiu.
The AO Channel renders in PhotoReal mode, but with a blank image. (you must first go to interactive and disable it, then switch back to photoreal, however the setting will randomly switch back on)
Setting the frame rate to 60 does not fix the strange exported frame numbers issue. Rendering frame range 100-300 does not render frames 100-300, the frame numbers rendered changes depending on the number of output channels selected. Rendering RGB only renders frames 100-300. Rendering RGB+Depth renders frames 50-150, etc. It's a bug in the math.
AO is only available in Interactive mode, so when you in PhotoReal mode it won't affect the render result. Neither selected nor unselected.
if your frame rate set to 60 then you will get what you expected!

Hope I didn't misunderstand your description
Hope this will help!
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