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ACCURIG feedback and Suggestions
Hello Friends from Reallusion, i just started using ActorCore's AccuRig and it has helped me a lot, it's an amazing tool and i plan to use it with all the characters i design, i'm currently rigging a pretty complex character, i struggled a good amount of time putting the joint dots because clicking and dragging through the mesh tends to be a little messy, so i thought that instead of clicking and dragging the dots, if i had the option to activate a translation gizmo over the joint i want to move it would be way more precise and efficient, while adjusting the hand joints, each time that i clicked on a joint dot the camera started to move at the same time, and that was very unpleasant, also implementing Ctrl+z - Ctrl+y functions would optimize the process even more, i may be too nit-picky with this but i would also suggest a form of selecting meshes and excluding them from a joint: Example: excluding a shoulderpad from the deformation of an arm, and rather use the joint that is above the chain to control that mesh, in this case :the clavicle or something similar.
with that said, the tool is great the way it is, and its a huge help to those who don't know how to properly rig from zero, i love it and i'm grateful that a tool with this value is free, Thanks!
OS: Windows 10
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