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Issue 7953
1. Preview Screen Goes Black 2. Iclone Fails To Open Project And Crashes.
Hi.. I needed to setup a war scene, So I used image planes with pop video.

1. I exported one of the warrior character with pop video format.

2. Then used it as an image plane in iclone project so the project won't be heavy.... (Dragged and drop the pop video file into iclone while holding down the right mouse button ... and selecting image planes on the option that shows up in iclone)

3. Then I resized the image plane and started duplicating the image planes in the project cause I need multiple warriors standing on the uneven land terrain ...

4. When I duplicated the image planes up to 35 times or more And save the project, Iclone preview screen goes black... The screen remains black until I restart iclone... even if I load another project, the preview screen still stays black...

5. I restarted iclone and tried to load my project... The project opens but with some of the image plans having Deleted/No base color or diffuse texture material... making the image planes invisible....

6. So I used the same pop video file but this time as base colour texture for those invisible image planes... so the image plane warriors will become visible again... It worked.. But Iclone preview screen still goes black after I save the project...

7. Once I restart iclone again.. and try to load the project again.. the project will not load this time .. Iclone will always crash at 27% ...

This whole process has happened twice with two projects..

My video graphics memory was not used up.. as the project have used up to 4GB out of the 8GB dedicated .. and the image planes were very light weight... Memory for each was in Kilobytes...

I have updated my Nvidia graphics card to the latest, both the Studio Driver and Game Ready Driver... and have updated iclone as well ..

but still no hope ...

Please is there a limit to the number of pop video image planes you can use in a project ? ,,, I really need to create crowd...
Please help me on what to do... My system uses Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 , 24GB Total, 8GB Dedicated, 32GB Ram, 3.00GHZ, i7-5960X ...
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byixangard
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Hi ixangard,

Can you provide your project to us?

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Hi ixangard,

It's OK when I duplicate 40 times.Can you provide your project to us?You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. 
You can use Private Comment if you want to keep it private.