How to Make the Robot Move? How to Assemble a Robot? How to Create Animations for the Robot?
How to Make Realistic Movies? How to Use Mechanical iProps?

How it works:

A. Apply an iProp.
B. Adjust the Particle Effect.
C. For Advanced Users: How to Make Particle Effect Move along the Path?

For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

 A. Apply an iProp.
A-1. Apply an iProp (eg. Machine Gun_L.iProp ) and operate as ''How to use iProps''.
You can see the iProp animation and particle effect as below.
 B. Adjust the Particle Effect.
  If you want to adjust particle effects, for example, adjust Smoke of the Machine Gun to be not so dark.
B-1. Select the Effect_Smoke in Scene Manager.
B-2. Adjust the Particle Key in Modify/Particle Setting.
B-3. Play and the dark Effect Smoke became lighter! You can adjust other Particle Setting in Modify.
 c. For Advanced Users:
     How to Make Particle Effect Move along the Path?
  You can produce the moving cannon balls effect by following the step-by-step instructions below.
C-1. Apply Railgun and Plasma Ball.
C-2. Create a Path for the Plasma Ball. Switch to Top Camera View.
  Create a Path in Animation/Path/Modify.
  Click on the 3D viewer one by one to create a Path.
  Switch to All Camera View, and adjust the transform of the Path.
  Pick Edit Path in Animation/Path/Modify/Edit Path. You can click on the Path Node and edit them.
C-3. Plasma Ball will be moving along the Path.
  Go to frame 125. Right-click on the Plasma Ball and select Path/Pick Path, and pick the first Path Node in 3D Viewer.
  Go to frame 200. Right-click on the Plasma Ball and select Path/Pick Path, and pick the last Path Node in 3D Viewer.
  Play from the top, you will see the Plasma Ball moving along the Path.
  Tip. If you can not see the Plasma Ball, please make sure that Dummy Object is checked in reference/Display Information/Dummy Object.
C-3. Perform Effect_Turn On and Open Fire in Plasma Ball and Railgun in the beginning of the film as "How to Use iProps? ", and the film is now finished!


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