How to Make the Robot Move? How to Assemble a Robot? How to Create Animations for the Robot?
How to Use Mechanical iProps? How to Edit Particles?

How it works:

A. Collect HDR images and Apply them to your film.
B. Adjust the Atmosphere (HDR, Light, Atmosphere...etc).

For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

 A. Collected HDR Images and Apply to Film.
  The HDR (High Dynamic Range) effect in iClone accurately represents the wide range of intensity levels found in real life high contrast scenes as result from direct sunlight and shadows.
  If You need more information about HDR, please click here.
A-1. Please visit USC - Institute for Creative Technologies Graphic Labs web site for more HDR resources. You can also download the HDR Shop to change the image size and reduce computer resource.
  Below are some sample images that are edited by HDR Shop.
A-2. Apply to props.
According to your design idea, apply HDR image to props that you want.
a. Apply a robot that you made, and select the props which you want to add HDR effect in the scene manager.
b. Apply HDR image in the Reflection Channel.
c. You can see the difference between using HDR image and not using it as below.
 B. Adjust the Atmosphere (HDR, Light, Atmosphere...etc).
  Adjust the Light, HDR, Atmosphere to make more realistic environment.
B-1. Set Light/Ambient Light to black.
B-2. Apply the ground (eg. desert), and adjust the color of lights.
B-3. Please make sure that HDR is checked in Preference/Real-time Render Options.
B-4. Execute the HDR Effect in Stage/Atmosphere, and adjust the value to what you want.
B-5. It's done! Please visit iClone 4 Online Help web site for more Atmosphere information.


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