How to Assemble a Robot? How to Create Animations for the Robot?
How to Make Realistic Movies? How to Use Mechanical iProps? How to Edit Particles?

How it works:

A. Apply Robot Specific Persona.
B. Move the Robot in Editor/ Director Mode.

For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

 A. Apply Robot Specific Persona.
  Persona can let users use hotkeys to make the robot run or move like playing a video games!
A-1. Apply any robot (Ex. Biped Robot_Skinned).
A-2. Go to Actor/Persona, apply Persona (Ex. Biped_Robot).
 B. Move the Robot in Editor Mode/ Director Mode.
  You can choose using Editor Mode or Director Mode to move the robot.
B-1. Move the robot in Editor Mode: Choose the robot, right click and choose the command in the Move menu.
  Click on the location that robot will move to, and robot will start to go there immediately.
B-2. Move the robot in Director Mode:
Choose the robot, and click on the Mode Switch button to enter the Director Mode.
  After Setting up your camera, press Record. You can use hotkeys to control the robot!
  You can see all the hotkeys that control the robots in the Control Panel.
  For example:
Choose the mode that you want.
  Press W or S, robot will start to move forward/backward.
When you press A or D, robot will turn left/right.
  You can check Auto add idle. When robot is not moving.
It will perform idle motions automatically.
  Tips. In Director/Editor mode, the corresponding sound effects will be generated automatically.The sound effect will move when the Motion Clip moves in the timeline.
  Please see below if you want to delete the sound effect.
Choose the motion clip, and press Collect Motion.
  There is a sound Clip in the Sound Channel, you can select and delete.


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