How to Make the Robot Move? How to Assemble a Robot? How to Create Animations for the Robot?
How to Make Realistic Movies? How to Edit Particles?

How it works:

A. How to Use iProps?
B. How to Use Rotate Tool?
C. How to Use Move System?

For more details, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

 A. How to Use iProps?
A-1. Apply any iProp (eg. Turbine Engine) and select the iProp in the Scene Manager.
A-2. Right-click on the iProp and select Perform/Turn On. If there is no animation, please press the Space bar to generate animation.
A-3. When you want to stop the iProp, right-click on the iProps and select Perform/Turn Off. iProp is now stopped gradually. You have finished a smooth animation.
  (If you need to stop this operating right now, you can just press Space to break down after A-2.)
  Tip. If there is no animation after Turn on/off, please press the Space bar to generate animation.
 B. How to Use Rotate Tool?
  Rotate Tool is provide to help users to produce rotatable iProps conveniently.
B-1. Apply an iProp that you want it to rotate. (eg. Tinker Wheel.iProp) and the Rotate Tool.
B-2. Right-click on Tinker Wheel and select Attach.
B-3. Pick Rotate Tool and Rotate Tool is now the parent to Tinker Wheel.
B-4. Select Rotate Tool in Scene Manager, and select Turn On in the Right click Menu. Refer to ''A. How to Use iProps?'' to operate the Rotate Tool.
  Tip. When the film needs to be exported, please confirm Set as Dummy is checked to avoid Rotate Tool being rendered.
 C. How to Use Move System
  Tracked Vehicles are iProps that have embedded animations and AML. Users can use hotkeys to make the Tracked Vehicles move like playing video games.
C-1. Apply Tracked Vehicle_A.
C-2. You can use Editor or Director Mode.
In Editor Mode:
a. Select Tracked Vehicle_A in Scene Manager and right click on it.
b. Select Forward in the Right Click Menu.
c. Click on the location that you want the Tracked Vehicle to go. Tracked Vehicle is now moving!
In Director Mode:
a. Select Tracked Vehicle_A in Scene Manager and Pick Mode Switch.
b. When you are ready to record, press Record.
c. You can used hotkeys as below to control Tracked Vehicle moving.
W -  Move forward
S -  Move backward
A -  Turn left when moving forward/backward.
D -  Turn right when moving forward/backward.

Important Reminder:
a. If you encounter some strange situation on Tracked Vehicles in Editor Mode, please follow the instructions below.
  Please make sure that the first animations is not Backward in Timeline,
so this will not occur.
b. If there is a strange animation after Reset or Remove All Animation, please follow the instructions below.
  Please delete the motion clip in Timeline/Command /Perform Channel, and it will be fine.


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