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Each of these unique substances are available exclusively from Reallusion, and contain adaptable custom functionality which allows them to act as a substance as well as a powerful design tool for any surface. Input your own texture maps into these substances and blend them with a wide spectrum of ingenious effects to produce your very own gorgeous materials.

Image to Material Generator

The B2M substance turns basic texture maps into realistic and detailed iClone prop materials

  • Automatically extract normal, specular, and height maps from a single diffuse image
  • Control normal details
  • Adjust displacement strength

Edge Wear and Decay DemoVidep

  • 4 layer parameters to create aging effect
  • Custom base material and an additional 4 different decal layers

Texture Layer Blender DemoVideo

  • Custom base material and an additional 4 different decal layers
  • Diffuse, normal, specular, mask for each layer
  • Blend normal maps with decal layers for unique results
  • Decal masking and opacity controls


This pack is included in Substance Power 200

In order for your 3D model to work with the aging substance material, you will need to generate a number of effect maps using Substance Designer. These unique texture maps help identify the edges, crevices, and orientation of your model, and provide accurate wear, rotting, rusting, and sun bleach effects and more!


Curvature maps are greyscale masks that identify the edges of a model for applying edge wear effects.

World Space Normal

World Space Normal are RGB masks used to define the facing angle of the surface. Baked WSN are no different from Object Space normals.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion or AO maps are greyscale textures used to create dirt effects in crevices and concave areas of the mesh.


Normal maps are just passed through and elaborated on in the graph to represent the final bump results.

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