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Substance Power 200
Architecture Wood Metal Stones Ground Input
Substance Power 200 PBR
Substance Power 200


  • Includes 200 .sbsar files which you can use in Maya, Unity, iClone, Unreal, etc. Check the Value
  • Multi-resolution texture support, up to 2048x2048
  • Bake multi-texture channels in iClone for image output

81 Architecture

This collection include bricks, stone walls, concrete, street pavement, metal wires… you name it! Change the tiling patterns, add cracks, mortar, and other modifications and apply them to your architectural designs or city scenes.

40 Wood

This collection provides everything you need in terms of wood material! Inside, you’ll find different patterns, grains, knots, scratches, aging, peeling, and all sorts of other characteristics you can think of for wood textures. Perfect for everything from refined, minimalist architectural design to a rustic country cottage.

21 Metals

This is metal baby! Get ready to rock brushed metal, iron floors, corrugated tin plates and much more! You’ll also find common customizable characteristics such as rusting, polished surface, and even bullet or nail holes. Perfect for everything from a polished airplane to an old beat up truck.

16 Stones

Rock on with this impressive assortment of stone-related substances, with characteristics like moss, shape, cracking, and variety that you can manipulate according to your needs. Apply these detailed textures to everything from the interior of a mysterious cave to the stonewall cemetary.

25 Ground

Build your outdoor scene from the ground up with this eclectic library of materials that are just waiting to be stepped on. Here you’ll find everything from sand and foliage to waves and grass, all completely customizable with characteristics such as rain drops, snowfall, and various flowing and cracking behaviors.

17 Input

This unique substance collection include several transparent glass types as well as liquid and ice layers with special patterns like bullet holes or glass cracks. By applying a substance to your own images, you can make cool effects such as a burning treasure map, a window cracking, or a mosaic blurring.


Product: Substance Power 200

Reallusion has worked together with Allegorithmic to bring you a distinctive and functional selection of premium Substance materials for use in iClone 6. This essential library of substances can be customized and modified via a slider interface to achieve a nearly unlimited variety of visual material results for more flexibility and enhanced realism.

Pack includes :

  • Allegorithmic Substance (.sbsar) x200
  • Reallusion Customizable Substances(iSubstance) x3

Author :Reallusion
File size: 14.50 MB (For iClone 6.0 or above)

List Price: