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Demo Video

Click the image to view the demo video


Live Demo in Unity3D web player

Try 3 different monster characters in Unity3D, live! Each monster has its own motions, just use the functional keys to control its movement and alter the colors. Click the image to experience the live demo.

Play Instruction

Navigator : WASD
Shift : Sprint
Space : Jump
Other keys : Perform animations
Camera angle : Left-mouse button
Zoom camera : Mouse wheel

Product : Monster Motion Vol.2 - Valiant Guardian


Wherever your hero goes, evil can't be that far behind! This monstrous pack will bring any of your bad guy characters with Monster Base A - Indigo (from Monster Workshop) to life so they can terrify your viewers!

Four Types Game Motions

There are 65 motions in total, in 4 different categories: Attack, Move, Mode and Response motions. The attack and defense motions include dynamic movements like swinging a heavy axe or punching an opponent! Mode and Move motions include walking, running, swimming, and more! All motions are incredibly vivid and instantly bring your characters to life.

Loopable Motions

All motions are loopable, which means any single motion can be looped in order to repeated over and over seamlessly. All you need to do is adjust and duplicate them in the Timeline. All you game developers will find this comprehensive motion pack incredibly useful and easy to apply to your characters. Pick up this excellent monster motion pack, and use it in your CG or game project today!


Looking for suitable monster characters for the motions? Check out our pack Avatar Toolkit Series - Monster Workshop for a flexible and comprehensive monster character creation and customization tool!

What's included:

Attack motions x 10
Response motions x 8
Move motions x 32
Mode motions x 15


Author : Reallusion
File size : 20 MB
For iClone 5.3 or above!

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