iContent License
Video or image rendering using iClone
iContent is the proprietary content format for iClone and Character Creator (CC). Currently, the contents found in the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace are all available in iContent license format. iContent license allows you to use the content you have purchased for any image or video creation in iClone, Character Creator and Cartoon Animation (if applicable), but you will not be able to export them to other 3D tools.
Export License
Export content to other 3D tools, game engines or interactive application
To export iContent and use them in other 3D software (e.g. Maya, Max, DAZ), or 3D game engines (e.g. Unity, Unreal), you will need to purchase the export license version of the iContent. Export license is an upgrade of iContent License which allows you to convert iContent into FBX, OBJ or BVH formats through the use of 3DXchange Pipeline or Character Creator Pipeline.
Quick Comparison Table
  iContent License Export License
Available Content Format iClone & Character Creator proprietary format
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iContent exportable to FBX, BVH, OBJ, or other public or proprietary 3D formats
Compatible Software iClone, Character Creator for iClone iClone PRO & 3DXchange Pipeline
Character Creator Pipeline Character Creator Pipeline
Average Price (example: per motion price) $1 ~ 1.5 USD $2 ~ 3 USD (around 2 ~ 3 times the price difference)
Royalty-free Yes Yes
Media Usage Render image and video within iClone and Character Creator For fine rendering in 3rd party software, or any 3D format usage in game engines or interactive media
*Reallusion introduced the universal content format which works across all major Reallusion products:
- The universal file format: .RLHead
- Compatible software: iClone, Character Creator and CrazyTalk
Royalty-free License & Rights to Commercial Usage
When you purchase content with either an iContent or Export License from Reallusion, you are granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to display any content generated by both iClone and Character Creator. You are authorized to use any rendered image or video output containing models within iClone and/or Character Creator for commercial, industrial, educational, or personal projects. You may sell and redistribute your render(s) created with iClone and Character creator and retain full ownership and usage rights to the output media in image or video format, within the output guidelines outlined in the EULA
Mass Distribution Rights for Exported 3D Content
If the 3D Content (mesh, motion) you have purchased contains an Export License, then Reallusion grants you a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to export this content via 3DXchange or Character Creator Pipeline into .fbx, .bvh, .obj, .abc, or any other 3D file format.  You may then embed the converted content into games and applications that are for personal, commercial, industrial, or educational projects. These 3D Content must not be available for public download or use, regardless of whether or not they are paid or free. Reallusion content itself may not be repurposed and resold in an external content library regardless of format, under any circumstances. 

In order to acquire free mass distribution rights for Reallusion 3D Content, or Reallusion-sold 3rd party content, for use in game titles, apps, online services, or public kiosks; developers and vendors must first register their game or application information with Reallusion marketing. To receive a license agreement letter from Reallusion, please provide your project title as well as a short description and any relevant website links and information to for Reallusion to evaluate.
1. Upgrade license type within 3DXchange
Existing iClone users who have already purchased Reallusion iContent can upgrade to the export version for most of their previously purchased content. The iContent price will be deducted from the export price.
Tutorial and Instructions
Determine the
Content License type
A simple to understand color coding system to help you understand your license type
Upgrade instructions
Purchase the Export License, upgrade directly within 3DXchange

Video tutorial on
License upgrade
Detailed, easy-to-follow video to help you upgrade your license type

2. Buy exportable content from the Content Store and Marketplace
Both the Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace have a rich selection of exportable content which you can filter to find. If you have already purchased the iContent, then the iContent price will be automatically deducted from the Export price in the shopping cart.
How to Search for Exportable Content:
While browsing in the Reallusion Content Store, look to the left filter menu, and click “Export” under the License Type
When visiting the Marketplace, check the “Export ready” tick box, enter the item you wish to search for, and click “Search”
Shop for Exportable Content Now:
Premium value packs professionally developed by Reallusion and highly skilled independent developers.
A robust community-oriented market where you can try out content in iClone before you decide to buy.
Supported Exportable iContent Types
Supported types iContent formats
Direct export .iMotion, .iAvatar, .iAcc, .iProp, .VNS, .iProject
Content that need to export with iClone characters or props .iAnim, .iParticle, .iTerrain (Version iClone1-4), .iHair, .iUpper , .iLower, .iGlove, .iShoe, .iSkin, .iFace, .iEye, .iOral, .iMotion, .iHand, .iMtl, iCloth
.ccSlider, .ccCloth, .ccShoes, .ccGloves, .ccHair, .RLHead
Non-exportable .iLight, .iEffect, .iTree, .iGrass, .iTerrain (iClone5 Heightmap terrain) , .iWater, .iSky, .aml, .iTalk, .iPath, .Popvideo