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Product : Lizard Warrior

The tough thing about being a lizard warrior is that there is constant conflict between its human side and lizard side. Too ugly to be a human, yet too intelligent to be a lizard. Such is the life of the lonely lizard warrior, with only a massive axe to keep it company.

On the bright side, it can wield its axe with deadly purpose, along with an impressive library of 18 motions that only a highly trained lizard warrior is capable of performing. This pack comes with a separate character and prop version of the same model, with the prop version having a unique tongue flicking animation.

Pack Includes :

  • 6 Characters
  • 18 Motions
  • 6 Props

File size: 78.0 MB
For iClone 5.51 or above!

List Price: $10.00

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