This exquisite collection of pistol-wielding animations bring action-packed, heroic behaviors to any film protagonist by including; nimble flips and rolls, undaunted executions, fierce dagger melees, along with coordinated hit and fall motion sequences that enhance any base combat motions.

Heroic Performances

Epic Executions

Dagger Melee

Hit & Fall

Motions Grouped for Distinctive Actions

Each motion category can be flexibly blended and adapted for any specific long sequence. They can also serve as ideal, extended performances
for the original Pistol Moves Pack pack.

Unparalleled Motion Quality

These ingenious moves have all been captured through professional stunt actors inside state-of-the-art, optical motion capture studios. Thanks to their exquisite agility you will be acquiring high-value stunt motions like; fly-roll, flip over, dodge-roll, and jump over the hedge animations that are hard to come by.

Connect Pistol Moves with Pistol Stunts

If you purchase the Pistol Moves Pack and the Pistol Stunts Pack, than you can enjoy seamless motion connectivity between these assets. For example; this pack provides wounded and dying motions, if you wish to connect these motions with the Pistol SHOOT Moves.

How To

How To Draw Guns

At first, you can set the opacity to 0 to hide the gun, and then when you reach the gun, just set the opacity to 100.


Product: Pistol Stunts

Finally, you can enhance the original Pistol Moves Pack motions with this exquisite collection of heroic behaviors that seamlessly blend and adapt to your gun-weilding combat moves. Spruce up your hero animations with iconic stunt performances, epic executions, jaw-clenching melee action, and symbiotic hit & fall motions! All animations have been meticulously captured through professional stunt actors inside state-of-the-art, optical motion capture studios. Through careful motion planning, and accurate data optimization you will get highly-authentic, loop-and-blend ready, pistol motions that are hard to find in other sources.

Pack includes :

Artist : Reallusion

File Size: 31 MB
Compatible with: iClone 6.53 or above

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