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Motion Library
  2D & 3D Motions for Immediate Start
Users can apply both 2D and 3D motions to single or multi-dimensional characters.
Motion Library
Motion Library

Want to dazzle your audience? Wish to sign that juicy contract? Well then let's create that monster presentation that will win you notoriety and cheers. Well... maybe not cheers, but you will surely be remembered with this awesome animation pack complete with 2D and 3D motions for multi-dimensional characters.

Motions in this pack are designed for 3 popular presentation scenarios; Presentation, Interaction and Scenario - which include everything you need from; waving your hands to greet someone, checking a list of items, nodding at a suggestion, jumping up a success ladder, or cheering for your favorite team!

This pack contains over 80 professionally made animations that can be used as they come or customized on the spot.

•2D Motions x 132
•3D Motions x 81
Author: Reallusion
File size: 23.10 MB
2D Motions: CrazyTalk Animator 2.1 Standard or above
3D Motions: CrazyTalk Animator 2.1 PRO or above
Price: $49.95
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Note: The characters are not included in the pack.
  How to Wizard
Adjusting Motion Length
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