Reallusion sincerely introduces this new Content Downloader for all content lovers. With the most enhanced cross-platform, and cross-product content access, getting the content you want has never been easier!

Get All the Content!
Direct Access to Content
Store & Marketplace Items
By adopting the new universal file format (.rld/.rlcontent), you may now get any content whether from the Content Store or the Marketplace.
Same Experience for PC & Mac
The universal file format (.rld/.rlcontent) is also cross-platform adopted, you may get the same simple flow on both PC & Mac and free from the installers.
Online Inventory for Content Archive
We keep your purchased content online to let you be able to check and manage them anytime. If you have both PC & Mac, you can even redownload the content for both!
Instant Content Update (soon)
With the Instant Content updates, you will receive instant notifications whenever your purchased contents have been officially updated; allowing you to always enjoy the latest content on time!
How To Get Started?
Get Content Packs from the Content Store
In the Content Store, you can find branded content packs well-designed by both Reallusion and highly skilled independent developers.
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Thousands of Items from the Marketplace
for Mac Users
No platform boundaries anymore. The Reallusion Marketplace is now open for all CrazyTalk Animator Mac users. Other than Reallusion-made content, a variety of royalty-free content from the community will be available to freely be acquired by item. Users will also be able to try before they buy! So have your DA Points ready to enjoy all the amazing content from the Marketplace.
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Get DA Points
Direct Access to 3D Motions (iMotion)
Without Having to Install iClone
CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pipeline users can now directly purchase 3D iMotions without having to install iClone! So don’t hesitate in getting all kinds of iClone iMotions from the Content Store, or the Marketplace. Furthermore, you may even choose in which software you wish to install your purchased content for complete cross-platform content usage.
Make Sure You Have the Latest Version
Whether you purchased CrazyTalk Animator 2 from the Reallusion Store, or from the Mac App Store, it is recommended that you first update both to the latest version. Updating is easy, just folow the steps below.

Version History:

  • Fixed: Allowed to use Downloader when user doesn't have authority on "Documents" folder
  • Fixed: Fixed issues with some environments that could not initialize Downloader
  • Fixed: Allow installed iClone 4 .iMotion on CrazyTalk Animator 3
  • Added: Support Character Creator for iClone 2.0
  • Fixed: several bugs fixed
  • Fixed: several bugs fixed
  • Added: Supports CrazyTalk 8.1 content
  • RL Head & VFX 200 Pack showed the watermark.
  • Fixed: Installed CT8 and then Installed CTA2, the downloader plist being replaced on MAC.
  • Fixed: Version detection not consider the second number.
  • Added: Support popVideo3
  • Added: Support RLHead
  • Fixed: No need shows warning while old content version installation which computer installed New AP only.
  • Added: Share template installation for popVideo content
  • Added: Added time zone and downloader version on log.
  • Fixed: Not show item once the content version not compatible the installed AP
  • Added: Show warning with AP name while installing a content but not installed yet
  • Added: Log record for issue tracking under c:\Users\UserName\Documents\RLDownloaderMgr.log
  • Enhanced: Improved detection method on web connection
  • Added: Replace/Duplicate option for second installation
  • Enhanced: Use Multi-thread to enhance download speed
  • Added: Allow Live Update
  • * Support W7 SP1, or later
Leave Your Feedback
At Reallusion, we always strive to bring you the best service and experience possible, and we always need your help in providing feedback on issues and improvements. We do wish to extend this to all platforms, contents and products throughout the Reallusion ecosystem. So we kindly ask you to provide your valuable suggestions once you have tested this new mechanism.
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