The Content Downloader is a small application, designed to help you quickly download and add content into your Reallusion apps. With the most enhanced cross-platform and cross-product content access, getting the content you want has never been easier.


Get direct Access to Reallusion Content Store & Marketplace Items

By adopting the new, universal file format (.rlcontent) you can now get any content from either the Content Store or Marketplace, easily.

Online Content Archive

We keep all your purchased content online so you can check and manage them at anytime, allowing you to re-download all your assets for all your work stations.

Same Experience For
PC or Mac

The universal file format (.rlcontent) is cross-platform compatible, delivering the same simple flow on PC or Mac.*

Cross-product Content Usage

You may choose which software you wish to install your purchased content, for complete cross-product content usage.

*Mac edition Content Downloader only available for Cartoon Animator, CrazyTalk, and CrazyTalk Animator users.

Available for Windows 7/8/10
File Size: 66.3 MB

Available for MacOS 10.8 or later
File Size: 29.1 MB

* The Content Downloader is compatible with iClone 6 & 7, CrazyTalk Animator 2 & 3, Cartoon Animator 4, CrazyTalk 7 & 8, and Character Creator 1, 2 & 3.


In the Content Store you can find many high-quality, themed content packs created both by Reallusion and independent developers.

1. Purchase selected content packs.

2. Add to cart and checkout.

3. Receive your order notice and click the RL-Content download link.

4. Double-click the '.rlcontent' file.

5. Choose where to install your content if you have more than one application installed.

Other than Reallusion-made content, a variety of royalty-free assets from the community will also be available. Users will be able to try before they buy.

1. Log into your Account.

2. Purchase DA Points to buy Marketplace content.

3. Acquire your desired content. If a content has a Download icon, then you will be able to add it to the Trial Download list.

4. Select assets from the list, and download to "Try-before-you-Buy".

5. Double-click the '.rlcontent' file.

6. Choose where to install your content packs if you have more than one application installed.

7. Test assets in their designated applications.

8. If you're satisfied after the Trial, then you may choose to purchase a single item or a complete content pack.

9. Activate content to enjoy without any watermarks!