The Seeking for Digital Human Realism

SkinGen is a major breakthrough in the digital human workflow that introduces an ultra-realistic dynamic material system dedicated to human skin synthesis. Embedded with industry leading scan-based assets, SkinGen not only makes CC3+ characters look great, it also enlivens existing projects with a significant visual upgrade.

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Free SkinGen Features for All CC Users

Basic SkinGen features will be included as a free update in CC(after v3.3). Along with embedded sample Skins and Makeup assets, all users will be able to enjoy layer stack and slider adjustments. Please note that the new character base (CC3 Base+) is required to present the quality for SkinGen. All existing characters can be easily converted into CC3 Base+, a Batch Converter is also provided in CC(after v3.3).

Works with the Best Technology and Texture Assets

The highest quality skin asset partners and powerful dynamic material technology make it possible for Reallusion to develop SkinGen. This level of simple, powerful, and realistic solutions to design digital humans is unparalleled. We highly encourage users to utilize more TexturingXYZ assets with SkinGen for amazing skin varieties, and make the most of Substance dynamic materials with Character Creator.

"Texturing.XYZ and Character Creator is a dynamic combination for creating real-time digital humans. The partnership with Reallusion and Texturing.XYZ enables a pipeline to rapidly design detailed characters ready for animation."

- Jeremy Celeste / CEO, Texturing.XYZ

SkinGen is embedded with MicroSkin textures licensed from TexturingXYZ

SkinGen dynamic material is powered by Adobe Substance Technology

Free vs. Paid Comparison

SkinGen (basic version) is included as a free update in CC(afterv3.3). Along with embedded sample Skins and Makeup assets, all users will be able to enjoy the layer stack and rich slider adjustments. Please note that the new character base (CC3 Base+) is required to present the new quality for SkinGen.

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Free Features Premium Plug-in
  • Skin & makeup sample content
  • Dynamic skin effects layer stack
  • Adjustable skin effects on each layer
  • 4 blend modes including normal, multiply, overlay and soft-light
  • Up to 4K real-time editing for each body material

Other than supporting all the basic SkinGen features, the premium plug-in provides:

  • Custom image input
  • Break the 15 layer cap
  • 21 x Dynamic Skin Tools to create your own skin content
  • Texture UV Transfer Tool to convert all skin & makeup effects from Daz G3 & G8 characters
Content Type Free Skin Content Realistic Human Skin Total
Skin Base, Full Skin and Overall Skin 9 33 42

Normal Effect

- Muscle, Sinew, Fat crease, Vascular , Skin Noise and Skin Details

24 62 86

Skin Details

- Skin Decal, Coloration, Capillary and Roughness

27 34 61


- Acne, Freckle, Mole and Suntan

8 30 38


- Liquid, Scale, Scar and Tattoo

8 31 39

Body Hair & Scalp

- Scalp, Beard and Body Hair

8 47 55


- Natural Nails and Manicure Nails

5 24 29

Avatar Preset

- Nail

1 9 10
Total 90 270 360
Content Type Free Makeup Content Makeup & SFX Total

Full Makeup

- Daily, Party, Special and Warrior Makeups

5 46 51

Foundation Makeup

- Full Foundation Makeup, Foundation, Contour, Highlight and Blush

27 28 55

Eye Makeup

- Full Eye Makeup, Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

13 76 89


- Eyelash and Mascara

7 24 31

Lip Makeup

14 28 42


-Eyebrows, Male Eyebrows and Trimmed Eyebrows

4 36 40


- Camouflage, Misc, Dirt and Scar

5 35 40

Avatar Preset

- Eyelash

4 8 12
Total 79 281 360
Content Type Free Morph Content Ultimate Morphs Total

Full Body

- 12 Authentic Human Shapes

16 19 35

Full Head

- 12 Specific Head Styles

16 18 34


- Upper Torso, Chest, Lower Torso, and Waist

21 85 106


- Skull, Forehead, Cheek, Jaw, and Ear

24 51 75


- Arm,Hand, Leg, and Foot

49 143 192


- Brow, Eye, Nose, Mouth, Teeth, and Eyelash

66 165 231
Total 192 481 673