After revealing the First Look of SkinGen on May 28th, 2020, Reallusion received an overwhelming response from the community. We believe this intuitive, dynamic skin layer system and visual upgrades, will redefine the real-time digital human industry. We are truly honored to have you with us to witness the change.

Free SkinGen Features for All CC3 Users

Far more than a replacement for the CC1 Appearance Editor, CC3.3 SkinGen includes numerous dedicated feature tools for optimal blend performance. SkinGen will be included as a free update in the CC 3.3 release. Along with embedded sample Skins and Makeup assets, all users will be able to enjoy the layer stack and rich slider adjustments. Additionally, the new character base (CC3 Base+) is introduced to present the quality for SkinGen. Best of all, is that all existing character content can be easily converted into CC3 Base+.

SkinGen Premium Plug-in and 3 Content Packs for CC3.3

There will be an entire line of Skin, Makeup and Morph assets; as well as a SkinGen Premium plug-in for unlimited customization. We believe this intuitive skin generation system and complete visual upgrades will level-up studio projects, allowing them to finally compete against AAA demands.

*The complete list of the items included in each pack will be finalized in July launch.
Major Differences between SkinGen and SkinGen Premium

SKINGEN - Free Update

  • Skin & makeup sample content
  • Dynamic skin effects layer stack
  • Adjustable skin effects on each layer
  • 4 blend modes including normal, multiply, overlay and soft-light
  • Up to 4K real-time editing for each body material


Other than supporting all the basic SkinGen features, the premium plug-in provides:

  • Custom image input
  • 21 x Dynamic Skin Tools to create your own skin content
  • Texture UV Transfer Tool to convert all skin & makeup effects from Daz G3 & G8 characters

Frequently Asked Questions