Reallusion in Siggraph

Booth: 1829
Dates: August 7-9, 2007
Place : San Diego Convention Centre

Go real-time with Reallusion actor avatars, assets and animation software tools that adapt advanced 3D content development technology to streamlined interfaces. Get faster character development, facial animation production and massive model generation in real-time. Core technology powering character generation is guided by Reallusion's exclusive photo-to-3D mapping solution to accurately fit any photo to a full-body 3D avatar and instantly generate custom 3D heads ready for animation and customization for photo-realistic or cartoon-like facial features.

Reallusion debuts the latest lineup of tools at Siggraph 2007 empowering filmmakers and artists from the citizen director to the professional filmmaker to go real-time!

iClone 2 enables rapid creation of movies, training videos and viral online media fueling the Web 2.0 explosion inside iClone's 3D real-time rendering environment. Connect your professional modeling workflow to iClone and evolve character creation and facial animation. iClone 3DXchange allows models from any 3DS or OBJ library to be transformed into iClone's real-time production environment.

CrazyTalk 4.5 facial creation tools develop instant animated avatar faces for multimedia animation perfect for blogs, viral online videos, training and movies. Special effects for character movies and enhanced character masking tools for compositing characters and footage connect CrazyTalk with popular post production tools. Powerful facial animation and user-friendly controls make CrazyTalk the ultimate human interface.

Press Release
Reallusion and Animazoo Partner for Consumer-Level Motion Capture Filmmaking, Live Performance
Reallusion and DAZ 3D Partner to Bring Real-Time Filmmaking, 3D Content to the Masses
Reallusion - Goes Real-Time - with Revolutionary Open Filmmaking Platform

Live Showcase Topics

Reallusion - Go Real-time!
Company vision and creative tools overview

iClone Character Creation & Facial Animation
Flexible character design and animation tools demonstration
iClone Clothing Design
CloneCloth fashion system and showcase

iClone Scene Production & Special FX
Dynamic LivePlants, Animated Props, Multi-texture Effects and Particle SFX

Working with iClone and 3rd Party Tools
iClone 3DXchange pipeline for Google SketchUp, ZBrush, Daz3D, and more
Siggraph Winner Notice

Our winner for Reallusion Siggraph 2007 onsite lucky draw is:
Claudio Branch
Freese and Nichols, Inc.

and he has won one set of Siggraph Special Bundle Pack II (value @ $719.80)
Real-time Production Partner


iClone 2.0 CrazyTalk 4.5
"iClone is a feature-heavy, template-based 3D animation studio that's a must-see app if you're trying to break into the camera side of movies and animation."
"Few review products elicit audible gasps from the writers, but CrazyTalk Messenger holds the achievement of being the only software app to provoke laughter, horror and gasps of disbelief, all within about 10 seconds."
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"Thanks to the new features, it can even be used as a start-to-finish production tool. The G2 figures are already a big step forward, so you can have a higher level of realism for your commercial projects, and the new particles and LivePlants will also add special value to your animations.”

Studio Daily
“CrazyTalk allows me to not only add life to my characters, but emotions as well. It's simply amazing.”

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