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  May 2009  
Royalty Free
What is Royalty Free?

The new End User License Agreement assures that all content bought from the Content Store is Royalty Free and can be freely used in both Private and any Commercial projects. This will greatly increase demand and the market value of all content sold on the online Reallusion Content Store!

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New CCD Contract

The new contract assures that all content sold by Certified Developers is Royalty Free. If you wish that your content is NOT royalty free and that your content should be removed from all Reallusion store shelves, please contact developer to request your content to be removed.

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Commercialize your products

The new Commercialization requirement of content submission shouldn’t be seen as an insurmountable obstacle, but as a challenge to lift yourselves to the next level of 3D development and to help improve your content sales. Marketing makes or breaks a product. The unfortunate truth, people do “judge a book by its cover”. So if you want to get the extra sells and save money by creating your own marketing materials, then check out the Commercialization Guide!

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iCars, the next big opportunity

iCars is the next cool opportunity coming your way! With iCars, customers will be able to create customizable cars, and use AML dummies to interact with those vehicles such as opening doors, drive with proper wheel animation as well as with the spring action of the suspension system. iCars includes 5 type of vehicle bodies, 3 types of chassis and 3 types of wheels. Plus, each vehicle body comes with standard and custom paint jobs as well as accessories to add to your vehicles. So where does the CCD come in? The world is full of different types of vehicles, so CCD has the chance to create new vehicle bodies, accessories, parts or even new textures for the vehicles! Anything with wheels, like bicycles, roller skates, 18-wheelers and remote control cars are within the range of CCD!!

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Featured iContent

Phonograph by Ciel

This iContent was created by Ciel (CCD). This pack is a great example of AML in action! It will go very nicely in any industrial age or WW2 movie! Want to learn more about the different types of iContent out there and the opportunities for you?

Phonograph iContent
Industry Best

Want to increase your productivity and creative power with leading tools and resources of the industry! Then check out the Creative Resource Center! Reallusion has searched for the best partners in the industry to bring you the best value!

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Create amazing special effects for your next video project for either CrazyTalk or iClone with this amazing tool! Reallusion has searched for the best partners in the industry and wondertouch's particleIllusion is certainly one of the best!

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Animated iProps

Want to make some animated iProps with your 3DS MAX?! Check out this whitepaper and learn how.

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