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One of the great strengths of particleIllusion is the huge library of effects that is included. Over 2000 particle emitters (effects) are included with particleIllusion SE, with a new *Free* library released every month.


particleIllusion uses OpenGL for real-time (or near real-time) previews of all effects and ultra-fast rendering.


particleIllusion's interface has been highly praised as easy to learn, work with and master. You can add effect to your projects with a simple click of the mouse, or you can customize the effect by changing some of the easy-to-understand parameters (such as "size" or "velocity".)


The number of parameters that you can change and animate allow you to create a huge number of effects, with almost endless variations.

Take a peek at the User Interface of particleIllusion!


Particle Effect examples!

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