Real-time animation evolves with 3D video compositing for virtual newsrooms, broadcast graphics, & chromakey effects inside iClone. Combine virtual sets with popVideo footage of yourself or a spokesperson for professional video broadcasts without the need for expensive on-location studio fees!


Super VFX 200

Drag-n-Drop Transparent Videos

Reallusion has carefully compiled this amazing VFX collection which contains over 200 of the most exciting and frequently used visual effects for 3D video compositing. So no matter if you are setting up background videos for storytelling, adding explosive effects to a scene, fading subjects in a dramatic fashion, or illustrating ideas with dynamic graphics -- this video collection pack is a must! 

Virtual Studio

Drag-n-Drop Set & Stage Builder

The Virtual Studio inside iClone lets you produce like a pro surrounded by dynamic sets and stages. Whether you are producing video podcasts, news broadcasts or just need a simple set to introduce a video montage, iClone Virtual Sets pack has everything you need to stage a successful studio. 

Motion Montage

Broadcast Motion Graphics

3D Video FX Motion Montage creates stunning visual effects for video editors with easy drag and drop creation inside iClone. Select any video source including HD and drop it directly on top of the iClone 3D Video FX Motion Montage props to add broadcast quality motion graphics to your video projects. 



- by Adolf Navarro

Testing Reallusion's popVideo Converter, I came across with some beautiful HD graffiti animations provided by Reallusion along with the App, and they inspired me to create this short but emotional clip. The wonderful music theme, from Secession Studios, matched perfectly with the slow motion animations creating the appropriate atmosphere. I made it in only two days proving, once again, that iClone is a tool that boosts performance. Also, it took me just half an hour to create the main character guy, using Reallusion's Character Creator as well.

Example of Combined use of iClone and popVideo

- by Adolf Navarro

I wanted to show, how powerful and easy to use are the "popVideo" files, created with popVideo, when used in iClone. I created this project where a Space ship is entering in a region near a spectacular Nebula, just using a couple of "popVideo" files provided by Reallusion, a model of the Space Cruiser and a couple of iClone particle effects. Hope it will encourage you to create your own shots.