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What's Buzzing
iClone is the new generation in 3D animation, and has already been recognized as a powerful and practical tool by a wide spectrum of users. With the powerful new features in version 5, iClone has received wonderful reviews from power users, especially those commercial studios & agents, and the general Press. By breaking the rules of traditional animation, iClone has empowered people with the ability to visualize their ideas and storytelling with every day media. Here, we would like to share with you some video showcases and user stories, that will let you see how others are reaping benefits with iClone.
Media Review

"The dynamics, the environments, and the fact you can isolate any one element and composite it in another package gives the power of an entire effects studio at the hands of one artist."

- Jesse Griffith, Jimmy Kimmel Live

"An easy-to-use product that will best suit those starting out in animation." "The iClone Animation Pipeline bundle is great fun and a fantastic introduction for aspiring animators."

- 3DArtist

"iClone 5 pro has its quirks but its still the most comprehensive real-time 3D movie-making solution on the market" "Although there's a handful of competitors on the market, none of them come close to iClone5's feature set and flexibility."

- Alan Marques, 3DWorld

"Many users will be amazed at what they can already achieve with iClone4 Pro, and it's certainly good enough for previz, virals and special effects. It's also - after an unnecessarily steep learning curve - an awful lot of fun."


3D Animator
Jesse Griffth
"iClone5 is amazing and a literal dream come true. I don't know how iClone's affecting the indy community, but I know that it should be making waves soon."
TV Producer
Thorsten Strack
"iClone was the only product to produce commercial machinima movies, and it integrated very easy into our production pipeline."
Film Academic School
Alan Marques
"In the pre-viz module of the London Film Academy's Digital Film VFX Certificate course, we show how iClone aid a film maker in trying out creative visual effects shot ideas in a real time CG environment."
Content Developer
Cypher Wolf
"Other software was time consuming and had quite a huge learning curve. To simply put it, iClone brings my vision to life in the most fastest, easy, and fun way possible!"