Unlimited Extensions

iClone 7 evolves into an OPEN program with truly robust extension capabilities. The full-featured Curve Editor plugin built with iClone 7 API demonstrates a new ability for plugin designers to do solid technology integration with iClone. Creative users can easily augment animation features or add custom devices to iClone with Python Scripting. Visually, the advancements for iClone 7 continue with custom shader technologies including Shadow Matte, HBAO+, and LUT color grading, all showcase examples of unlimited extensibility for creative users or developers.

  • All images and videos have been natively rendered in iClone 7.


The Curve Editor has long been the major differentiator for professional and amateur animation, and now this classical animation tool has been finally added to iClone 7! The iClone Curve Editor also showcase the power of plugin design using iClone 7 APIs, which is how it was built and implemented.

Complete Curve Editing Features

Looks familiar right? All the skills of a classically trained animator can be applied to your iClone animation. Choose a section of motion keys from the timeline and start applying curves to realize the best animation performance and result.

Improved Animation for Characters, Props and Cameras

Get the ideal time and space adjustment over your animation, smooth out linear bouncing cameras, perform arc rotation for cartoon animation, or get perfect ease-in-and-out behavior.

Create Cartoon Animations

Smooth Camera Movements



To make iClone maximize the visual potential of the rapid growing real-time GPU technologies, the iClone team has re-engineered iClone 7's render core, aiming to make it compatible with industry standard shader languages.

Shadow Matte System

Shadows not only enhance lighting realism, shadows can effectively immerse 3D objects into the image or video background. iClone7 now gives each light its own shadow attribute, and allows users to turn any mesh to a shadow capturer for professional composite result.

Instant 3D Compositing

Place 3D props in a HDRi lighted environment, turn on the default shadow capture plane, and get a photo-realistic 3D composite effect, even with just one directional light.

Individual Shadow Settings

Now different custom shadow darkness from different lights can achieve the detailed presence of natural lighting.

Capture Shadows with Dummy Props

The Shadow Dummy option gives users the power to seamlessly composite 3D objects to any image or video background.


HBAO+ is an AAA game quality Ambient Occlusion technology introduced by NVIDIA; a technique used in film production to approximate the effect of environment lighting. HBAO+ precisely controls the AO range, sharpness and blend level, and precisely accentuates small surface details adding soft shadows.

LUT - Professional Color Grading

The LUT (Color Lookup Table) is an industry standard color grading technique that alters the mood of a scene. Achieve different film looks or stylized effects.

Instant Visual Upgrade from LUT Library

Click and apply the LUT effects from the iClone Gallery to get immediate color graded results that reflect industry-standard film genres.

Blend LUTs for Animated Effects

Layer LUT effects, adjust their color tone, strength level, and get smooth transition between LUT effects animation using timeline editor.

*Amplify LUT Pack will be available as an add-on pack at iClone 7 release.


Python Scripting is coming to iClone7 to enable more 3D creative design from developers. 3D tools like Maya, Max, Blender, and game engines like Unity and Unreal already utilize Python. The new iClone integration of Python Scripts can bring extensive scripting resources for those that seek to design custom controls and enhancements to iClone.

Adding New Features Using Python Scripts

Just like this waving box sample, users will be able to write new iClone functions using Python Scripts, leading to numerous creative applications which will encourage new, user-made features to make iClone 3D animation smarter and easier.

Custom Device Control of iClone Content

This demo case implements a custom device with Python to control the bone animation remotely driven by Leap Motion. Accessing iClone animation from new devices will soon be possible for hardware vendors, or from talented iClone application integrators.