Professional Animation

Continuing our commitment to escalating our 3D animation, several new features are introduced in iClone 7. Indies and studios will be empowered with an industry-standard camera system, in-depth facial animation editing, morph animation from blendshapes, and real-time facial mocap. The innovations coming to iClone 7 are designed to enhance the creative possibilities for every user by delivering a range of accessible and increasingly professional animation tools.

  • All images and videos have been natively rendered in iClone 7.
  • A comprehensive look at the forthcoming Motion Graph Curve Editor will be introduced in the next WIP video.


Access industry-standard cameras including Alexa, Red, Canon, and more. Professionally apply iClone 7 to production crew requirements for previz, techviz, and fundamental 1:1 seamless camera pipeline compatibility.

Shoot with Real Cameras & Lenses

iClone 7 has a fully customizable camera system to match the industry standard, so users can accurately simulate real-world cinematography. Compatibility is key with flawless import & export of camera data between 3D and video tracking tools. The Real Camera System in iClone 7 is a solid foundation for Final Rendering, Technical Previs, MatchMove, as well as linking with a Virtual Camera.

Cameras Compatible with Various 3D Software

Via FBX format, directly import camera information including lens settings, sensor size and animation data from 3D tools to iClone. Export baked constraint camera settings from iClone 7 to other 3D tools as well.

Importing a Camera from 3D Tools

Exporting Camera with Perfect Frame Alignment


Achieve dynamic, organic animation performance with a series of morphs added to props or skin-bone characters. A simple technique that adds rich performance animation options able to be keyed & controlled inside iClone 7.

Create & Manage Morphs

The Morph Manager edits morph groups from a hierarchical model. Import OBJ morphs from 3D modeling or sculpting tools. Link selected morphs to adjust them individually using the iClone 7 Morph Manage interface.

Morph Animation for Props & Characters

All imported blendshapes are available in the timeline with individual morph tracks. Set keys and tweak values for each morph track to achieve ideal organic movement between morphs.

Prop Morph Animation

Props with several morph alternatives can turn a simple shape into an appealing actor.

Character Morph Animation

Body morphs can be applied to exaggerate a character’s secondary actions.


To fully deliver facial movement details for mouth, cheeks and eyes, CC Characters' facial morph count increased from 30 to 60 morphs. iClone 7 facial architecture is now aligned with professional face tracking specifications, opening the new door to real-time facial mocap.

Enhanced Direct Puppet

The Associated Movement feature humanizes eye movement with secondary animation of eyelids that follow eye position. Access to more puppet options and strength adjustment sliders for solo features enormously expands puppet animation.

Face Key Editor

Now get three levels of face key editing organized into three new tabs. Start from facial muscle nodes, a library of expression presets, and detailed blendshape slider adjustment.

Advanced Facial Timeline

To further adjust facial clips generated by face puppet or facial mocap, iClone 7 provides separated layer tracks to individually edit facial muscles, eyes direction, and head rotation. Flatten the timeline to a motion clip to simplify and add face key adjustment to further enhance the facial performance.

Live Facial Mocap

The iClone 7 Face Motion Capture uses a PC camera or pre-recorded video files to lock control points to the real actor’s face and drive 3D characters' facial performance in real-time. Not only can it instantly represent natural real-human expressions for standard or stylized 3D characters, head rotation, and agile eyeball movement. Capture mouth shapes for talking animation that can be used alone or blended with lip-synch.

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*The real-time markerless face tracking demo is made by:

- Faceware Realtime for iClone
- Logitec HD PRO C920R PC Camera

*Visual by 3DTest