Importing Bone Skin Characters into Unity3D

Load a character or animal into 3DXchange5

There are lots of characters, props and animals inside iClone or in the online marketplace. You may export these characters with perform animations to Unity3D in FBX format via 3DXchange5.

Export FBX settings in 3DXchange5

Go to "File" >> "Export to other 3D format" >> "FBX", Select preset as "Game Engine - Unity3D" in FBX export window.

Create and Import assets in Unity3D

Use the Project View in Unity. Right-click to import FBX exported from 3DXchange5 and move the file into your right folder. You can then manage models as assets in Unity3D. e.g. Horse only contains bone skin mesh. Horse_Pesade only contains animation.

Drag the asset into scene and select animation clip

Drag Assets into the 3D view or Hierarchy view to build your scene in Unity3D. You can "Select Animation Clip" with the same structure in the character inspector panel.