Biped Character - Face
From external 3D tools to iClone:

Required version: 3DXchaneg5.4 PRO and above.
You are suggested to export characters in FBX format, and then characterize them for iClone via 3DXchange. The character can then be animated with iClone's motion tools and motion library.

From iClone to external 3D tools:

Required version: 3DXchaneg5.5 Pipeline and above.
You may choose a character from the iClone Content Manager, or download one from the Marketplace and bring it directly into 3DXchange to export in FBX format. For different tools, you will have different options to optimize your settings your.

Below are some examples on how to import, and export biped characters between iClone and other tools.

Daz & iClone

With the DAZ Genesis Extension, not only can you automatically convert and fully animate all DAZ Genesis characters in iClone but you can even define your unique expression styles through the DUF file, or create body morph effects in iClone.

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Importing Facial Morph Target Data from Daz Studio

Adjusting and Updating Facial Morph Target Data from Daz Studio

Max, Maya, and Others

3DXchange5 supports bone, morph and bone/ morph hybrid facial animation data created in other 3D tools. You may use FBX files to bring in all the character settings, or simply replace the morph data by loading OBJ files. Then, through the simple face mapping procedure, you can fully puppet animate your characters in iClone.

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Importing Characters with Facial Bones to iClone

Importing Characters with Facial Morph Data to iClone

Importing Facial Bone and Morph Hybrid Characters to iClone

Replacing Morph Target Data in Morph-based Facial Models

Other Related Tutorials for iClone & 3DXchange5.4

Discover the general operation of of 3DXchange5.4 and all its possibilities. See the tutorials below.

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Adjusting Facial Morph Data for Standard Characters

Applying Spring Properties to Extended Bones

Creating Morph-enabled Props via the Expression Editor